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Ryuzuo Akiyama (art trade for theaschebloodprince) by stitchesnumberedby17 Ryuzuo Akiyama (art trade for theaschebloodprince) :iconstitchesnumberedby17:stitchesnumberedby17 9 3 The beauty in verde by stitchesnumberedby17 The beauty in verde :iconstitchesnumberedby17:stitchesnumberedby17 9 4 Cera Swathe (art trade with Deterex525) by stitchesnumberedby17 Cera Swathe (art trade with Deterex525) :iconstitchesnumberedby17:stitchesnumberedby17 9 6 Outpour by stitchesnumberedby17 Outpour :iconstitchesnumberedby17:stitchesnumberedby17 13 3 star fruit by stitchesnumberedby17 star fruit :iconstitchesnumberedby17:stitchesnumberedby17 17 4 Halloween is a go by stitchesnumberedby17 Halloween is a go :iconstitchesnumberedby17:stitchesnumberedby17 13 0 cool cats by stitchesnumberedby17 cool cats :iconstitchesnumberedby17:stitchesnumberedby17 18 5 Cigar by stitchesnumberedby17 Cigar :iconstitchesnumberedby17:stitchesnumberedby17 17 2 safe and sound (art trade for Mutil8tor) by stitchesnumberedby17 safe and sound (art trade for Mutil8tor) :iconstitchesnumberedby17:stitchesnumberedby17 25 0 Night on the town by stitchesnumberedby17 Night on the town :iconstitchesnumberedby17:stitchesnumberedby17 22 2 The Mourning Sister by stitchesnumberedby17 The Mourning Sister :iconstitchesnumberedby17:stitchesnumberedby17 23 0 Coffee break by stitchesnumberedby17 Coffee break :iconstitchesnumberedby17:stitchesnumberedby17 14 5 tie die by stitchesnumberedby17 tie die :iconstitchesnumberedby17:stitchesnumberedby17 19 0 Alexandrite by stitchesnumberedby17 Alexandrite :iconstitchesnumberedby17:stitchesnumberedby17 12 0 Charmer by stitchesnumberedby17 Charmer :iconstitchesnumberedby17:stitchesnumberedby17 11 0 Sunny by stitchesnumberedby17 Sunny :iconstitchesnumberedby17:stitchesnumberedby17 26 5
HELLOOO darling~ welcome to my page! check out my gallery if u eva get the chance!





SPG stamp by Igelk0tt :thumb377632630: Yet another spine stamp X3 by ZoraSteam Unwanted Houseguest fan stamp by GeneralHound
No, this isn't an anti stamp. by Catthylove Really by Lola-Rola :thumb377632723: :thumb377632742: meat over matter (dhmis stamp) by PAPADOLL DHMiS - Stamp by leetle-pink-fudge MS Ghosts Stamp by TwilightProwler Mystery Skulls-Ghost- Vivi X Lewis stamp by ShinyMeowstic Lewis death free stamp by HavickArt the evil within stamp by akatten :thumb493382447: Leslie Stamp by Flower-Doll Leslie is a Precious Baby Stamp by Flower-Doll OFF Stamp by DireTylo Zacharie Stamp by ChibiChibiSha Marble Hornets Stamp 6 by SpeedStamps Marble Hornets Stamp 5 by SpeedStamps whatever glitch stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps :thumb377632488: :thumb451476356: :thumb403803123: Razia's Shadow Stamp by Snook-8 Nightvale Stamp by Inskaia undertale stamp - mettaton ex by hypsistamps Mettaton EX Stamp by MysticLu UT - Mettaton EX Stamp by whitenoize UT - Napstablook Stamp by whitenoize Undertale Undyne Stamp by Dead-Opera-Star Don't get attached by AdrianaFilip That's all folks by AdrianaFilip The creation of the Powerpuff Girls by AdrianaFilip No stamp by x-bronwen-x High Five by x-bronwen-x Stamp: Studio Killers by SaintLavellan :thumb371720283: :thumb371720293: 19-2000 Stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps Darkky's Stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps sneaky oxy stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps -Over The Garden Wall- .:Stamp:. by Rhylem Over the Garden Wall by stampsnstuff We Bare Bears stamp by pulsebomb SU: Rainbow Quartz Dance by xioccolate :thumb544867963:


akemi homura by monteGlover akemi homura :iconmonteglover:monteGlover 67 2 meet the artist but its a year late by Jesshh meet the artist but its a year late :iconjesshh:Jesshh 78 80
im just gonna dump all my old shitty unwanted characters here, thanks................I added more because the fact I own them haunts me in bed except for one that I just don't know what to do with
these fuckers are 200 points each
grey wolf guy on taken by HAPPYPlLLS 
kidcore fursona belongs to Gutsuite now goodbye
this guy is 300 because they are actually decent
this guy is just horrible hes 200 points
this guy i have no idea what to do with him im so sorry..........lmao hes like 250 points and i hope thats cool with Music-Boat that im like selling the guy
nvm hes porkko's kid now ha
i have been trying to get rid of this ugly wolf please someone take him away from me, hes 200
but he belongs to javaunna now haHAHAHA
hey check this guy out lol, hes 200 please tak
:iconjesshh:Jesshh 9 55
TOO BAD! by Sleepykinq TOO BAD! :iconsleepykinq:Sleepykinq 2,971 411 cHAD!! by Ask-AliceGF cHAD!! :iconask-alicegf:Ask-AliceGF 11 2 [at] Star Girl by theaschebloodprince [at] Star Girl :icontheaschebloodprince:theaschebloodprince 16 2 Mob Psycho 100 - Shigeo Kageyama (SpeedPaint) by Starrless-Obscurity Mob Psycho 100 - Shigeo Kageyama (SpeedPaint) :iconstarrless-obscurity:Starrless-Obscurity 50 4 Shigeo Kageyama by peppermint-tea39 Shigeo Kageyama :iconpeppermint-tea39:peppermint-tea39 30 3 Eiki Shiki Yamaxanadu by peppermint-tea39 Eiki Shiki Yamaxanadu :iconpeppermint-tea39:peppermint-tea39 36 3 ArtTrade: Stitchesnumberedby17 by Deterex525 ArtTrade: Stitchesnumberedby17 :icondeterex525:Deterex525 6 2 new case cover by Ask-AliceGF new case cover :iconask-alicegf:Ask-AliceGF 6 0 Nothing New by Ask-AliceGF Nothing New :iconask-alicegf:Ask-AliceGF 9 0 Cera Swathe Ref by Deterex525 Cera Swathe Ref :icondeterex525:Deterex525 6 0
a poem
i feel ill so please feel free to cringe at this vent 
i don't feel like I used to
but that's something i'm used to 
i still care about you,
but after everything I'm left confused 
I know that you hurt 
but that's no excuse 
lashing out is in ways has felt like abuse 
I'll listen, I'll apologize, but friend I really must emphasize
when a friend reaches out it's not always in doubt
and it's hurt me, it's hurt me how you won't hear me out.
you poked at old embers that I thought were long since dead, but apparently they lived on in your head. 
I'm sorry I didn't ask, and didn't read between the lines, but in the end it's you who bottled it up all this time. 
Please do not worry about such old silly things, I don't really care about it, even though sometimes it still stings.
You wouldn't hear me when I said it wasn't the thing in itself, rather what it represented, you found something else.
it felt like tearing down something we built up, and that's
:iconjanegumball:JaneGumball 5 5
[at] i cant quit you by theaschebloodprince [at] i cant quit you :icontheaschebloodprince:theaschebloodprince 26 13
art trade and commissions to do list
ill just organize it all here to make things easier.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! commissions will be done in the order of who paid first
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! art trades will be done in the order of who finished their half first
art trades-
double meme-
:iconmutil8tor:Mutil8tor 5 12




168 deviations
Ryuzuo Akiyama (art trade for theaschebloodprince)
Dear neptune this took me forever! At least I finally got the pose right, so he at least looks cool! =7=

Ryuzuo belongs to :icontheaschebloodprince: and I'm glad they gave me the opportunity to do an art trade with them! Please check them out, their art is super nice and they don't bite
UPDATE: Awesome, all slots are full!
I believe it's a beautiful time for art trades and I have 2 slots open! Just leave a comment if your interested with a link to your oc! (Please don't take it personaly if I can't get to you qwq)

Note: Please keep in mind that my part of the trade will be done traditionally.

The rules are pretty simple:
- No nsfw
- No fetishes
- The character's ref should be in color


1: :icondeterex525: (COMPLETED)

2: :icontheaschebloodprince:
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Put this on your
---██--- DeviantArt page
█████ if your
---██--- not embarrassed
---██--- to tell
---██--- others that
---██--- you're a Christian

Hola! You can call me 17! Tired or Stitches is also fine too =w=














Please. Please. Do not steal any of my original characters. You can do fan art of them,but please ask permission first. Please, don't be that person who steals.

Criticism is greatly appreciated. <3



My crazy talented window watcher sister : :iconhellsinggirlfan8:

My Alpha kitty humanoid sister : :iconalphakittyjacuna:

My narrating basement monster-sister : :iconthecpshinigami:

My crazy artistic attic monster-sister : :iconpandy101:

My baby mangaka twin sisters : :icondoublekuro:
_,. -‐  ̄` '¨   <、
     フ¨⌒    Y      ヽ
    /     ,         ゙;、
   ノ/ /   / ,  }       ヽ
   'イ / .{ ,/| ,ハ ト、 ヽ.      rゝ
   { ! i | / {. ! } i ヽ. }     }
   i | { .ハiミ、ヽ! |ノr彡ヘ. i.  ,  !{
   }.∧ヽ! rァ=ヽ    ,rァ=、゙| ノ | 「`
   i八.ヽ! {泛リ゙    i泛リ i,/ |ノYヘ
     ,iハ! 〃  、  〃  、_ノ
      \.    -    /Y
        `ーr―r-r ィf 、
      ./ヽi.\\ヾ、!_ノ 八゙⌒^ト.
     ノ  .| Fト、:辷{/FT!r=、ノ:〉
    〈 -、,/{ ヾ-'\\└'‐ド二リ
     } ∨‐''¨二エ二エ._ー,}
     `七T¨「 ̄} | 〈 「ニス.
      〈;;} .i兀,! ト、{ {兀! }
       | ,!   /--}!   {
       ノ/  ,/   {i   i
      .レ'  /   〈 i   |
      ,〉―ソ     `ト-..┤
      /: : /       ゙}: : i
     ム: :/        i: : :
    /_:_Y         Lr::ヘ
~~~~~~~RANDOM GIFS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
:iconpeterrapefaceplz: :iconyayamericaplz: :iconyaycanadaplz: :iconyayenglandplz: :iconyayfranceplz: :iconnosebleed-plz: :iconrussiarollplz::iconsexycanadaplz::iconsexyamericaplz: :iconmaplebeamplz: :iconhandspazzplz: :iconspazzattackplz: :iconhrederpplz: :iconamericawtfplz: :iconpockydanceplz: :iconderpplz: :iconexplosionplz: :iconspazattackplz: :iconkittyglompplz: :iconlazycryplz: :iconlazycryrollplz: :iconmoesmileplz: :icon2penglandplz: :iconyay2penglandplz: :iconrlytearplz: :icondundunduuunplz: :icondeanspazplz: :iconohmyglobplz: :iconamgtouchplz: :icongermanyfacepalmplz: :icondowant2plz: :iconlovelyhugplz: :iconprussiasparklesplz: :iconmingplz: :iconsexybrowsplz: :iconohmygoooodplz: :iconblushprusplz: :iconprussiafaceplz: :iconprussiawtfplz: :iconpervyprussiaplz: :icondatwestplz: :iconpedoprussiaplz:
:iconletmehugyouplz: :iconoldschoolownedplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconyunoplz: :iconicantomgplz: :iconawkwardhugplz::iconitalycryplz: :iconstartledjapanplz: :iconbigheplz: :iconsupertighthugplz: :iconhamplz: :iconheartrollplz: :iconnblolplz: :icongo-on-plz: :iconimadplz: :iconheeheplz: :iconfrancelikeabossplz: :iconenglandwantsplz: :iconpalmthroughfaceplz: :iconrussiawthplz: :iconexplodeplz: :iconbootyshakeplz: :iconslowhugplz: :iconhhhhplz:





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